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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about Gellyball? Read below for the most popular FAQs.
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 Do Gellyballs hurt?

Everyone's pain tolerance is different. Some people barely feel them, but most people describe the pain as a rubber band snap. If you're worried about the pain, make sure to wear long sleeves and long pants during feild play. You won't get hit with Gellyballs when playing the gallery. 

Are Gellyballs messy?

Nope! They're water filled so they don't produce any stain or mess on clothing or other belongings. The spent Gellyballs either dissolve into the ground or we're able to vacuum them up at the end of the event. Spent Gellyballs are slippery! We suggest all field play events happen in the grass or woods. 

Are they safe for my kids/pets/the environment?

Yes! Gellyballs are biodegradable and are safe for pets, kids, and the environment. 

How old do you have to be to play?

Kids ages 5 and above can play the shooting gallery or field play, but we suggest that kids are at least 6 or 7 to get the full benefit of play. 

What do you need to run a party at my house or event?

For field play all we need is a grassy opening of at least 15X20 to set up bunkers or about the same space of wooded area. The more the better, though.  When setting up the Gallery we need a flat, level area of at least 20X20X15. If you have access to power, even better. If not, we can bring a generator. 

Can you explain the gallery?

Sure! The Shooting Gallery is a large screen encased in an inflatable shell. A computer projects games like Carnival-style Bottle Breaker, Duck Hunt, Zombie Shoot and others on to the screen. Standing outside of the inflatable, you shoot at the screen with Gellyball blasters trying to hit more targets  than your opponent. 

How big is the gallery?

The Gallery is approximately 16 feel wide, 16 feet deep, and 15 feet high. We don't call her Big Bertha for nothing. The Gallery can be set up inside if there's enough room but there is a blower that needs to run the whole time, so it may be loud. 

Can Gellyball be played in the rain or snow?

Kinda. Gellyball can be played in a light, intermittent rain and in temperatures above freezing. Heavy rain or freezing tempatures can damage the equipment, so we try keep it mostly dry and warm. 

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